No Smoking

15 01 2010

I don’t smoke. But I do rock my Dee and Ricky Cigarette Brooch.


Design: Better With Time

10 01 2010

A few of my favorite Swatch watches from years ago…sweeettt..

Home Depot Gift Cards

2 01 2010

Home Depot’s Design team gets a “thumbs up” for these gift card designs. Good look! I love to see large companies pay attention to the small details.

Crazy Toaster Designs

2 01 2010

Toast your message with the Message Toaster

Glide Toaster

VHS Toaster

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the  day but I would REALLY enjoy it if I owned one of these toasters.

I Cooked This Up for The Homie

31 12 2009

Coming Soon

The Music is Illy…

Snap and Dine Dishware

30 12 2009

If I have Thanksgiving Dinner by me, be prepared! I will not be stuck washing dishes. Lol

Dee & Ricky’s New Office Design

30 12 2009

t has a built in Ditch Ramp for those drunken late night skate nights.

Work Horse Door Tables.

Dope ass Vinyl flooring in POP Colors.

A Stage that Says Shut The Fuck Up! Fak Ap! Shut Up! Blow Me! You get where we are coming from.

A removable table storage area/ Bar.

For those that don’t know, Dee & Ricky are the guys who make the Lego Their new office design is bananas!!! I hope it is executed properly.

Well, the duo was in The Big Easy and I missed them! *bummer* They set up a Pop-Up Shop with one of the cities most prominent Streetwear Boutiques, Re-fresh. Hopefully I will catch them next time they are in town.

Bonus pic- Dee and Ricky gettin’ it in how we do in the South, straight Family owned street