Melt the Floppy by Mind Design

22 11 2009


Behind the Scenes: Tim Burton at MoMA

22 11 2009

One word: Genius! Who:Tim Burton

James Blagden & No Mas: Dock Ellis’ no hitter on LSD!

21 11 2009

The drawings, the animation, the story, the actual voiceover of Ellis from a radio interview he did before he passed away…The story goes that on June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis, pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, pitched a no-hitter while completely out of his mind, tripping on LSD. via. The Brilliance

Welcome To The Dream of Future by Paul Robertson

21 11 2009

Artist/Producer: Kendrick Lewis

10 11 2009

The work of Artist/Producer Kendrick Lewis. Hopefully we will be blessed with more pieces soon.

Fact: Kanye West piece was finished in 45 minutes.

Freddy Krueger Nikes

5 10 2009


M’Afrique by Moroso

23 06 2009

I need this in crib asap!!

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