Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce Price of Popularity limited edition apparel. 

Price of Popularity is a progressing brand founded in March 2009.  Although the logo is appealing there is a profound meaning behind it. After consoling a close friend out of suicide, I learned two essential qualities to success, Faith and Patience.

The logo symbols the love and pain that you encounter while striving to reach your dreams. The bolt-shaped bottom symbolizes the unpredictable road to success. The heart shaped top represents the passion and persistence. Although things may get tough, continue chasing your dreams!

 My goal is to keep you in original and fresh apparel while reaching for the stars. Even though 90% of our designs are original, we also pay homage to great Pop Artist such as, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein who lead the pop art movement. 

I hope you enjoy the shirts as much as we do making them. Remember reach for stars, the harder you work the brighter they become.

 Love + Pain= Success.

Thank you for shopping Price of Popularity!





Lead Designer/Artist

Wen-Lead Designer/Artist


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