Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

28 06 2009


kingofpop Stating the fact that Michael Jackson is the Greatest recording artist in history is an understatement! He is more than a great performer, musician, friend, brother and son Micheal Jackson IS an inspiration to many dreamers .Michael Jackson is the American Dream, he is “THE KING OF POP”.  

We will continue to keep the Jackson Family is our prayers. 

Artwork Design by: Wen 



My Father has to be one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans I know, here’s his thoughts: 

“To just say he was the “King of Pop” is cutting him short. When the music industry was failing he carried it with Thriller surpassing the fame he had already claimed before age 12, a fame most artist only enjoy for a short time at their very peak.  If you want to compare someone to MJ you most first decide what phase of his life of fame you are going to use for the road – The Greatest Entertainer Of All Time – Look up the true definition of the word SUPERSTAR and you’ll see MJ. Mike you did your thing for us and left here preparing to give us even more – My sorrow is for us comparison because you surely can not use his whole life span. The Beatles had a great run but short run – the rest was just reflections of what was. Mike re-released one of his albums last year at it went back to the top 5 – after all this time – who does something like that. Someone questioned his singing – his dancing was a close  to his singing – he could move you sitting down in a dark room. I once read an article about his singing it read “Michael’s notes produced in the key of “c” was previously unheard” I love Mariah but she was not the artist of the Century that could on have only went to MJ. How quickly people forget – or have they? the numbers of record sales – his longevity – the off screen spectacle of his life leads to only one.”- Leon Newsome





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