Big Sean at the Fantasy Factory

31 05 2009

Stop Smoking Ads

30 05 2009

Marlboro What??..negative. These are really strong visuals, I love’em.

Designer Olivier Borde

30 05 2009


Not too many guys are fashion forward enough to sport designs by Olivier Borde but I know Ye’ would do it. I love it! It does not happen all too often, yet, every now and then comes a man along who can catch you by surprise that he understands ones needs, as well as aesthetics. One of these rare men is definitely Olivier Borde, who lives, works and practices magic by drawing collections you simply must feel, touch, and ultimately owe in Paris where he also improved his craft with Charles Anastase, amongst others.
His first [Garde-Robe] A/W 2008 collection was unveiled at the International Festival d’Hyeres in April 2008 and was said to be “reinventing the classics of male fashion” in an “artistic and poetic tradition”. Judged but no one less than Ricardo Tisci, Maria Luisa, Haider Ackermann and Patti Wilson. Does all this sound common in terms of the branche for a talented newbie? Well, it absolutely isn’t. Young Mister Borde still remains as mysterious, introverted and oriented to let it all flow naturally, as on day one. Plus as talented. And men fashion has a new spokesman to expect things from.
Yatzer decided to search, find and chat with him about inspiration, aesthetics and graphic design. Yes, and fashion, too


Check out his interview here.

Spectacular Grindin’ Woowwwww

28 05 2009

The Price of Popularity is wild!!!

So when you are popular, is it embedded that you are allowed to do what you want and get away with it?  Alot of people think this is gay..I will agree that it was rather eye poppin’ buttt actually he just showin that he know what to do in bedroom, if you ask me. Butttt it definitely would’ve benefited him to have some polo pajamas on. I think the exposed thighs makes one feel uncomfortable. lol..  GO GET’EM SPECTACULAR!!!  Hot song though!!  he must’ve been tipsy.

Dee & Ricky|Liquor, Woman&Tears Lego T-Shirts

28 05 2009

This is nice..I will be purchasing this riight about now!

2 Favorite T-Shirt Brands Collab!! Dooopee

28 05 2009


Back of Tee

Back of Tee



 These t-shirts are limited and only available through The Hundreds. They will be released tomorrow (Thursday) at The Hundreds Los Angeles and The Hundreds San Francisco. Different colorways at each location. Make sure you check out the other great collaborations too!

Maxwell Album Cover Art

27 05 2009


Maxwell: Black Summers Night

Maxwell: Black Summers' Night

I have waited 7 years for this beautiful artist to surface again! Maxwell’s Now Album was classic..I know this one will be too. I will be looking forward to this Maxxey